Message from the Director

director mombasaWelcome to the Kenya School of Government (KSG) Mombasa Campus. We hope you enjoy learning more about our capacity building programmes and services, and gain helpful information and resources.
The Kenya School of Government (KSG) is a conception of The Kenya Vision 2030 and is operationalized by the KSG Act 2012. The Act provides that KSG Mombasa (formerly Government Training Institute, Mombasa) is a satellite Campus of the school. The School is mandated to provide learning and development programmes to build capacity for a result-oriented public service. Overtime, the Campus has diversified its objectives not only to offer in-service training but also conduct Research and offer Consultancy services in the public sector.
We endeavor to satisfy our customers, meet regulatory requirements, and realize continual improvement in service delivery. In order to achieve this, we embrace ISO standards for quality management and quality assurance. In this pursuit, we are ISO 9001:2008 Certified with effect from 29th June 2012. This warrants us to effectively document what we require to maintain an efficient quality system.
The Campus is committed to progressively contribute towards performance enhancement and service delivery in the public sector.