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Director’s Message

Director’s Message


The Kenya School Mombasa Mombasa is a brand that offers you an exciting and fulfilling learning experience. As a campus of the Kenya School of Government, an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution, our zeal for continual improvement has triggered unprecedented transformation across our product and service offerings to match if not exceed your expectations.

A date with us is thus a date with your much desired professional, career and personal branding goals. We offer you space where you encounter professionalism and hospitality of global standards borne out of a wealth of experience, skills and competencies possessed by our staff.

Located on Mombasa Island and within the rich and quiet Kizingo neighborhood, KSG Mombasa Campus remains unmatched as a destination for ‘training-tourism’.

By coming to us, you have the enviable opportunity of achieving your training goals even as you sample out popular tourist products and destinations such as the Indian Ocean, beautiful beaches, Fort Jesus, the Port of Mombasa, and Mama Ngina Waterfront among others.

Our Ultra-Modern Conference and Retreat Centre offers a complete package of superior conferencing and accommodation facilities easily accessible by sea, land and air, and located within a safe and secure environment. This strength has seen us host several local, regional and international conferences.

I am, therefore, confident to promise you value for money as you choose to partner with us in your journey of transformation through excellent capacity development.

“Yaliyo mema usiyatafute mbali, KSG Mombasa ndipo.”

Dr. Rukia Atikiya

Ag. Director, Mombasa Campus
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