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Protecting Mangroves: Campus Adopts a Site at Mkupe


Protecting Mangroves: Campus Adopts a Site at Mkupe

The Kenya School of Government recognizes the importance of growing forest cover in the country, as advocated by the national government. Aside from the School’s existing tree planting activities, plans are in the works to collaborate with other institutions to raise awareness and support for the campaign.

The School has committed to being at the forefront of allowing the implementation of the tree planting campaign by starting a tree planting drive across all campuses. The School collaborates with the Kenya Forestry Service to protect and conserve the environment through activities such as tree planting and environmental cleaning that engage employees, course participants, and local people.

Through Mombasa Campus, the School has partnered with the Kenya Forest Service and the local community and has adopted a site at Mkupe (Port Reitz Creek) – Miritini for mangrove planting and protection. Annually, staff and the local community convene to plant trees at the site to ensure sustainability of the initiative which seek to protect the coastline.

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