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Empowering Kenyans, One Training Program at a Time


Empowering Kenyans, One Training Program at a Time

By Ephline Okoth

Professional development is becoming increasingly vital in the modern workplace for both employees and employers. As a result, organizations frequently devote substantial time and resources in offering training opportunities for their employees.

The Kenya School of Government Mombasa Campus is one organization that is leading the way in delivering professional development to its employees as well as officers in Kenya’s public service institutions. The Campus hosted a remarkable number of training sessions in April 2023, attracting participants from both the public and private sectors. During the month, the Campus hosted 22 training sessions with a total of 462 participants.

Strategic Leadership Development Program, Senor Management Course, Management Skills Development Course, Management Course for Office Administrators, Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Induction Program for County Chief Officers, and Public Procurement and Contract Management Course were among the short-term programs delivered during the month under review.

Others are Performance Management System, Public Service Induction Program, Supervisory Skills Development Program, Induction Program for County Government Liaison Officers, Payroll Management, and Report Writing.

Similarly, Retirement Planning, Public Sector Collective Bargaining Agreement, and Business Process Reengineering Programs were delivered.

These courses covered a wide range of topics and engaging discussions aimed at developing and strengthening essential skills including leadership, effective communication, team building, and problem-solving, and were generally provided in dynamic and experienced-filled in-person training.

Participants in the training courses included personnel from national government ministries, independent institutions, state corporations and agencies, county governments, and the private sector, among other actors in Kenya’s national development.

Professional development is essential for a variety of reasons. It can help you improve your abilities, obtain more experience, improve your performance, and even advance your career. It is a crucial aspect of professional development since it allows people to get the experience they need to advance in their careers.

Overall, KSG Mombasa Campus’s high number and wide range of training sessions indicate the organization’s dedication to public service professional development. By investing in its employees’ skills and expertise, the government positions itself as a leader and prepares its personnel for success. Training and professional development are going to become increasingly crucial as the workplace evolves.

In addition to the training programs, the Campus hosted 10 workshops and seminar sessions, with a total of 582 attendees, thanks to the expert and professional hospitality services offered by the experienced staff. This is coupled with the well-equipped workshop venues and the ambience presented by the Campus’ location and serenity.

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