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Campus Intensifies Research, Consultancy Services


Campus Intensifies Research, Consultancy Services

By Ephline Okoth

The latest study by the Kenya School of Government Mombasa Campus focused on the Hazards in Harnessing Blue Economy Resources in Kenya’s Coastal Region. This was spearheaded by the Campus’ Research and Consultancy Department.

The study targeted stakeholders in Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi, and Lamu coastal counties. Based on Goal 14 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the research intended to add to knowledge and broaden conversations in the important field of the blue economy.

The goal acknowledges the ocean’s importance in economic, social, and ecological growth, as well as the necessity to address the most severe concerns affecting coastal and marine ecosystems, such as pollution, ocean acidification, and overfishing.

The research sought to assess the extent to which the primacy of technology and innovation has influenced the harnessing of blue economy resources; to determine how resource depletion and ecosystem degradation influence the harnessing of blue economy resources; to establish the influence of pollution in the harnessing of blue economy resources; and to assess the impact of climate change on the harnessing of blue economy resources.

It is envisaged that the findings will assist the government in recognizing the likely and potential contributions of sustainable use of oceans and marine resources in harnessing the resources of its blue economy. It will also result in the creation of a policy brief and the strategic dissemination of the findings to relevant stakeholders in order to inform decision-making at the county and national levels of government.

Aside from research, Mombasa Campus has increased its offering of consultation services to national government agencies and county governments.

Aside from the two previously completed recruitment exercises, the Campus is now finalizing consultancy projects for different counties. These include the preparation of a strategic plan for the Nyeri County Attorney, the development of staff establishment for the County Government of Migori, and the assessment of training needs, and the creation of service charters for the County Government of Trans Nzoia.

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